Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Three Quick Tips For Using Proxify to Remove Unwanted Cookies, Scripts and Advertisements

By Peter Hill

Web sites are so jam packed with new technologies theses days, that it's sometimes hard to understand exactly what is going on in the background when you browse. This is why computer professionals are relying more and more on technologies such as proxify to eliminate unwanted elements from the sites they browse. From the dangers of tracking cookies, scripts that secretly change files on your computer and advertisements that slow down your system. This article will discuss these three main issues and why tools like proxify are the best solution for dealing with them, no matter who's computer you find yourself on.

Cookies have been an issue online as long as there have been web brewers and website admins to utilize them. In most cases cookies are quite harmless. They allow your browser to "remember" certain things that it has done on each website you visit. The problem arises when there are cookies that will exploit weakness in browsers such as Internet explorer or Opera. There are many methods available for removing cookies or blocking them entirely. Of these is proxify which is the best to use if you find yourself on a computer system where you are unable to install cookie blockers yourself. This is because all you need is to enter the URL of the site you wish to visit and make sure that the "block cookies" option is selected. Blocking cookies is actually very simple, unlike blocking scripts that run in the background.

Most modern websites use a variety of script languages to make sites easier to view and navigate. Java script, php, Perl, Ajax, and CGI are just some of the many types of scripts available to web developers who want to add functionality to their websites. The problem is simply this, many of the scripting languages give web developers an incredible amount of power over what your browser and computer will do. If you find yourself browsing a site that is somewhat questionable, it is advised to use an anonymous proxify site to prevent unknown or unwanted scripts from performing malicious code on your computer system. The best way to keep safe will all ways be to avoid such sites in the first place, however many computer professionals today are forced to find alternate ways to safely browse. Proxify is the best solution for bad scripts even though though the majority of scripts are harmless, much like the advertisements regularly seen online.

Many of the banner advertisements that are being used today use both scripts and cookies. Generally advertisements are not dangerous, but there have been a number of cases where advertisements were actually tracking scripts. On the other side of things, most advertisements are simply a distraction and a drain on the resources of the computer. For example, Microsoft has a new advertising system that takes keywords and highlights them in such a way that, when you move your mouse pointer over them, they activate an advertisement. If you have a computer that is more then 3 years old, you will undoubtedly find this to be a big annoyance. For many people, using proxify is a simple and effective solution for removing the advertisements. Unlike the various software solutions for removing advertisement, web based solutions offer the portability that is unmatched.

Using the proper tools and software is essential for users who wish to remove unwanted cookies, scripts and advertisements. With web based tools such as Proxify, the dangers of cookies, scripts and advertisements can easily be mitigated and even avoided entirely. Whether you are on your own system or using someone else's, the anonymous proxify sites are the best tools for dealing with these three dangers.

Peter Hill is a computer hobbyist and writer who specializes in computer security issues. He runs an informational website that provides links to free proxy services, articles and guides on keeping your identity safe on the net. For more information be sure to check out http://Proxify.Strangled.Net

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Proxify - Discovery How Web Filters Are A Threat To Privacy And What People Are Doing About It

By Peter Hill

In this day and age, web filters are the products institutions purchase and use in order to censor and control access to sites on the World Wide Web. It's the same for schools, businesses and even for parents, web filters are a way of controlling what is available on a particular network. It is also no surprise that countermeasures are being invented to bypass these access controls. From understanding what Proxify is, to how professionals are using them to bypass filters and access any web site, there are also a few things to understand in order to stop them. This article aims to explain the technicalities of how to bypass a web filter, and securely and privately surf the web.

Before discussing the gritty details, the first question to ask is, "what exactly is a web proxy?" A web proxy is a web site that you visit; it establishes a secure, encrypted connection. You know you have an encrypted connection when you see the "https://" in your browser URL bar. You then enter an address to a site you wish to visit, and then you begin to browse the site without ever contacting the site directly. Using the anonymous Proxify site as an example, when you visit the home page you see a bar in which to enter the URL for the site you wish to visit, as you visit different web sites you will notice that you never actually leave the Proxify site. In fact, from the point of view of the web filter, you are visiting one site and one site only. A proxy is able to act as the middle man, and all your private information is replaced with that of the proxy server. So a proxy server is just a middle man that fetches web pages for you and reconstructs them in such a way that it looks and feels exactly the same as if went there yourself. And this is exactly how web filters can be avoided.

A web filter has one major purpose, to deny the users on a network to access websites from its black list. Content filters have become very advanced in recent years and they can even reject web content based on keywords and phrases that are considered unacceptable to the institution that runs them. For this reason, the anonymous Proxify site has the ability to obfuscate and encrypt everything that passes through your web browser and their server. When this happens the web filter cannot tell what sites you have visited, it cannot tell what you have read, or what you have sent or posted. Some schools and institutions even set their web filters to only allow websites from within a certain country. Proxify counters this by having servers with changing names in each country that it provides service to. This is the main benefit of using these types of anonymity tools, they make all communications secret and secure. However,the developers who create web filters are putting up a fight.

Network admin's are constantly updating their filters to stop users from bypassing them with Socks and Proxy servers. It is possible for a suspicious administrator to view access logs and determine that users are using web sites such as Proxify. When they discover this, they will add the proxy to the black list of websites that the web filter blocks. The web filter developers have enormous lists of proxy sites, and they are continuously trying to stay ahead of things. For this one reason, Proxify has been forced to adapt and generate obfuscated domains to allow their customers to bypass the filters and stay secure. It seems that in the foreseeable future, this sort of arms race for free access to the internet will continue with no end in sight.

As you can probably tell by now web filters can be very restrictive and prevent you from browsing the sites you really want to visit online. Proxify is only one of the ways to defeat a web content filter. Some other pieces of the puzzle include using evidence erasing tools, and using browsers plug-ins that enhance security from the host side of things. But for this discussion, a proxy server is able to view websites for you, even if those websites are black listed by your network filter. Proxify is able to hide everything you do and see online, but the developers of web filters all always trying to catch up and contain everything on the network. For the time being, you can bypass your schools web filter and use the World Wide Web however you please.

Peter Hill is a computer hobbyist and writer who specializes in computer security issues. He runs an informational website that provides links to free services, articles and guides on keeping your identity safe on the net.

For more information be sure to check out http://Proxify.Strangled.Net

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Are You Using The Proxify Toolkit To Ensure Your Privacy Online?

By Peter Hill

Today you will find that a web based proxify services is much more then just a tool for keeping safe from hackers and unethical web administrators. Today it is an entire toolkit of capabilities and features. From the enhanced security features for reducing online threats, using caches to save bandwidth, and encryption to secure communication. This article will explain as briefly as possible how to make the most of an anonymous site.

Securing Your Connection

If you are concerned with security as you do your daily transactions online, then you will need to use a proxify site. The key to enhancing your browsers ability keep safe from hackers is based on the notion that everything you do though a proxify site will be "bounced" through the server. This will put the site in the middle of you and the sites your visit. But there are also some side benefits as well.

Speeding Things Up With Web Caches

When you browse websites on slower Internet connections it is not uncommon to find that more modern and image rich websites are hard to navigate. What a proxify web cache does is stores temporary Internet files for popular websites that people visit regularly. When you visit such a page with proxify, as long as you have a fast enough connection established with their server, you will be able to view the page faster then before. This is simply because the server will connect with the web server with a high server connection speed and deliver it to your browser in such a way that it appears as if you never left the original site. With that in mind there is only one more issue to address.

Encrypting Your Traffic

The last step is locking down your browser to ensure your privacy, is to be sure to use SSL encryption. If you are only browsing websites for fun then you may think that encryption is not necessary. This may be true in most cases, but when the it comes to sensitive information you will want to make sure that you have encryption on your browser. The best way you can tell if the server has established a secure connection with your browser is to make sure that there is a closed lock in the corner of your screen. This way you can be certain that all information between your web client and the server is secure.

With computers becoming more and more advanced with the passing years, it is also becoming easier to keep safe online. From protecting yourself from hackers and dangerous websites, using proxify web caches to increase your browsing speed, and encrypting all communication to keep your data safe. Make sure you are using the proper tool kits to ensure your privacy online.

Peter Hill is a computer hobbyist and writer who specializes in computer security issues. He runs an informational website that provides links to free services, articles and guides on keeping your identity safe on the net. For more information be sure to check out http://Proxify.Strangled.Net

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Monday, November 12, 2007

Proxify - The Secret Site For Surfing The Web Anonymously

By Peter Hill

"In real life if someone followed you, listened in on your conversations and went through your photo album without your permission you would call the police (or maybe they are the police). Things are different online. That information is easy to find; easier than people think"
Web Anonymity 101

In this day and age of digital footprints, it is important to be aware of what traces you leave behind every time you browse the web. A new solution to staying safe on the web is using proxy servers like Proxify to keep your identity secure. From using a proxy that encrypts communication, surfing anonymously and knowing what traces you have left behind, the free anonymous Proxify site is worth taking a look at. This article aims to show you exactly what this tool offers, and some ideas on keeping safe in this new digital age.

Whether you are surfing the world wide web from the comfort of your own home, or from an unsecured location such as an airport or a Starbucks, it is critically important that you make sure you are using a secure connection. You will notice when you surf with a site like Proxify that there is an "https" in the URL bar. This means that your communication between your computer and the Proxify site is encrypted and safe. This prevents your web content from being sniffed or monitored by networks between yourself and Proxify. Otherwise, it is actually quit possible that someone could save and view exactly what you saw on your screen as you surfed the web. Ensuring that you have encryption functioning is the first step in staying secure while surfing anonymously.

When you visit a website on the internet, from the perspective of the website, you have an identifiable and unique address. This is called the IP address, which is short for Internet Protocol address. What this means is that you leave this IP address on the logs of every website you visit. Furthermore, this address makes it possible to pinpoint your location to the exact city you are in, the company you use for internet service, and the contact information of your particular service provider. It also makes it easy to keep track of how often you have visited a website and for how long. By using the Proxify site, you circumvent this by replacing your IP address with that of one of the many Proxify servers. This is like being able to hide your phone number from call display when making a telephone call. So the second step for surfing the web anonymously is hiding your IP address, simply because it is the most important trace you leave behind.

The third information trace that remains on a web server after you have viewed a page is the browser information. The browser information leaves a trace that can identify exactly what browser you use as well as why type of computer operating system you use. This can be used to identify you if you take a laptop with you and connect it to different internet sources. Even though many people use the same computer systems and browser applications, the specific version and or service pack you use is saved. With a proxy, the web server can only see the information of the proxy server, and not that of your own browser and operating system. This is why the Proxify site has the ability to block that information and eliminate that digital footprint.

These three critical points are just some of the things to remember when you decide to use the Proxify site, and surf the wold wide web anonymously. Some of the other measures include, removing scripts as they can reveal your IP address, and hex encoding your URL's to keep your movements secret. However this article has presented you with the basics of encrypting your connection, hiding your IP address, and knowing what traces you leave behind. It is without a doubt that using the free anonymous Proxify site, is a valuable tool when keeping your privacy online.

Peter Hill is a computer hobbyist and writer who specializes in computer security issues. He runs an informational website that provides links to free proxy services, articles and guides on keeping your identity safe on the net. For more information be sure to check out http://Proxify.Strangled.Net

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Proxify® is a web-based anonymous proxy service which allows anyone to surf the Web privately and securely. Unlike other proxies, there is no software to install or complicated instructions to follow. Just enter a URL (website address) in the form above. Through Proxify, you can use websites but they cannot uniquely identify or track you. Proxify hides your IP address and our encrypted connection prevents monitoring of your network traffic. Once using Proxify, you can surf normally and forget that it is there, protecting you.

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